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That's right, another sister ship. At least it existed, unlike Agir or Siegfried or so many other ships. So what's the deal here? Why another version of a cruiser many lament and a few somewhat enjoy for the memes it sometimes brings? 
Simple. We make the Graf Spee, but a version that replicates better what people see the other game's version is capable of. Essentially, a ship that completely dominates cruisers AND DDs, as right now GS is pretty bad at that due to poor HE alpha and poor reload, but don't worry, we'll address that. The ship will pay in other forms for what I'm about to suggest. That's right, we're making a fun german ship, and at low tier to boot. It'll get nerfed and shot down, but I'm bored and theory crafting. 
Also, it'll be named Deutschland. Not Lutzow. Go away. 
2x3 283mm 
2x3 105mm 
8x 150mm 
It's Graf Spee firepower, what gives? Aha! It's not the spee ellipse, it's normal cruiser dispersion. Additionally, the range of the secondaries are bumped from 4km on Spee, to 5km like on Prinz Eitel Friedrich. Additionally, it's getting Graf Zeppelin dispersion. You're getting 7.56km range in a full secondary build, and this is intended to boost her efficiency at close ranges against destroyers. It's not much, but it's honest work. 
Oh, and 16.5km base gun range instead of 16.1km. Nice. 
Torpedoes: Awww, did you like your widdle 8km torps? Too bad. 6km now copied over from the Nurnberg. 
Again, we're copy pasting Spee here really. But according to Wikipedia, with her latest config: " Admiral Graf Spee and Deutschland were rearmed in 1938 and 1940, respectively, with six 10.5 cm L/65 guns, four 3.7 cm SK C/30 guns and initially ten 2 cm Flak guns—the number of 2 cm guns on Deutschland was eventually increased to 28." I can't confirm anything as I don't know the depths and wiki nor another source agree on anything. Minor differences at best, nothing noteworthy for gameplay differences. Copy pasta.
Maneuverability: Copy pasta Spee
Concealment: Deutschland doesn't have the pagoda-like superstructure, but does have a somewhat tall mast. Equal or follow Hipper/Eugen principle and make Deutschland slightly more concealed, like perhaps 11.8km base instead of 12.75. 
Consumables! Now we're really making the Deutschland pay for her transgressions of having consistently effective weapons.
No more heal. Gone. Poof. 
No more fighter. Gone. Poof. Now you get a spotter. Enjoy your range ++
No more DFAA. Gone. Poof. You're officially even weaker at dealing with planes. 
Ay you still got a hydro. That's nice. 

So what's the deal, what happens now if this was put through. Well, on up tiers you suffer in survivability as now you can't shrug off any damage at all, you'll die fast if focused. On the plus side, you're more concealed. You have better base range, and you can use the spotter to hit at roughly 18km. Your guns are more accurate, so more citadels. You might even devstrike some low tier cruisers. At 8400 per shell x 6 shells that's 50,400 alpha strike. 4 citadels is enough to dev strike an Aoba, 3 will rip off ~25,000 of her available 31,900. On equal or down tiers you can push caps that only have 1-2 cruisers and a DD holding it down, which means you can use your meager secondaries on one CL or DD and knock down another with your main battery with hydro active. While you won't annihilate a DD, your secondaries will pick up slack between the 20 second reload. It's something. 
TL;DR, a ship that's happy at picking on DDs and CLs like Graf Spee, and better at it, but suffers even worse at the hands of battleships and aircraft carriers. 

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I guess it's an interesting ship, but adding another premium at that tier will catapult many players in to tier 7 faster.

For historical significance, I suppose. But I think WG would base that on sales of Graf Spee. If that ship sold well, then maybe.

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