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The Weekly Review: Halland

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The Weekly Review: HSwMS Halland

Halland - Global wiki. Wargaming.net

A Tier 10 Destroyer that I actually enjoyed for once.

So, I made a mental note to myself the other day, to play the Tier X Pan-European destroyer, the Halland, on the PTS. I got on to the PTS, picked up the Halland, and went for a few battles in it. And let me just say, it is perhaps the most enjoyable DD experience I have had in a long time. Between the fast firing guns and the high speed torpedoes, Halland is one of the most balanced destroyers I have ever had the pleasure of testing, and for once, it doesn’t mean game balance at all. So then, what about the details? Time to find out. 

By the way, I renamed Ship Opinions to The Weekly Review, but you can ignore that for the time being.

Armor: Half-Zombie

Pros: Small target, Repair Party.

Cons:  Small-ish baseline HP pool.

Let’s just get one thing out of the way quickly: Halland is NOT easy to take down. It has a baseline HP pool of 19200 hitpoints, which is on the smaller side, being slightly worse than the Gearing and better than the Yueyang, Somers, and Shimakaze. With Survivability Expert, it goes up to 22700 hitpoints, again, on the smaller side, being far behind something like Z-52 or Kleber. However, the Halland does have a Repair Party consumable, being the same one found on the HMS Daring, but with a longer duration. This, combined with three baseline charges ( 4 with Superintendent, which I highly recommend ), allows it to recover a decent chunk of it’s health over the duration of a game. Another great thing about the Halland is the fact that it is a relatively small target, being somewhere between the Gearing and the Shimakaze in terms of overall size. Overall, the Halland is fairly decent, thanks to it’s Repair Party, and it would be rated higher if it had a larger base HP pool. As of now, however, it’s just “Good”.

Rating: Good

How to make it better: Another 1,000 HP or an extra Repair Party charge would be good.

Armaments: Fast-reload everything

Pros: Amazing guns, fast reloading torps, torpedoes are long ranged and ridiculously fast, excellent firestarter.

Cons: Pitiful gun range, torpedoes hit like wet newspaper

Halland is not to be trifled with at any range, whatsoever. Let’s start with the guns first. The range is quite poor, at just 10.4 kilometers, and the ballistics are not ideal, being similar to the USN 127mm/38s. However, the base reload is a blistering 2.0 seconds, which gives Halland terrifying close range damage output against pretty much everything that gets far too close. In fact, when fully built ( i.e BFT, MBM3, plus AR active with Jerzy Swirski, which will rarely happen ), the Halland blows the Harugumo’s HE DPM ( without AR or Yamamoto ) out of the water and nearly matches the AP DPM, and that’s just the start of it. The Halland also has a patently absurd 8.0% fire chance, which makes it an excellent firestarter as well, and the AP penetration is on par with the USN and IJN 127mm guns ( Yueyang included ), and beats the German 128mm, Japanese 100mm, and British 113mm guns by a good margin, though it lags behind the Soviet 130mm guns ( both the B-2-U and the SM-2-1 ), and the French 139mm guns. That penetration allows the Halland to pierce the upper decks of the squishier battleships she will face ( and some of the tougher ones as well ), and land consistent citadels on some of the squishier cruisers that she will face, with Smolensk and Colbert included. That’s the guns settled, now we move on to the torpedoes. The torpedoes, first off, hit like wet newspapers, which is not good, to say the least. With just 10,700 damage per fish, the Halland falls behind even lightweight torp launchers like the Z-52. However, that’s where the bad news ends. The Halland’s torps have a long reach of 15 kilometers, which is up there with Gearing and Shimakaze, and they boast a top speed of 86 knots, which is even faster than the French 550mm torps and even the Japanese 610mm Type F3 torpedoes. The Halland also has plenty of torpedoes to use, with 2 quintuple launchers mounted amidships with decent firing fields and a quick reload of just 100 seconds ( yes, really, on 5 tube launchers ). This makes Halland a massive torpedo threat to cruisers and destroyers far beyond her own detection range, and a big thorn in the side of battleships, since the torpedoes are nearly impossible to dodge without advance warning. Overall, Halland has monstrous firepower, and it’s relatively easy to use as well. That earns her top marks in this category.

Rating: WTAF

How to make it worse: lengthen her gun reload or torpedo reload.

AA: Dakka for days

Pros: Excellent baseline AA, long range, DFAA that actually works.

Cons: HE Spam exists

When I heard that the main selling point of the Pan-European destroyers was going to be their AA defense, I just laughed it off and said “No way in hell will that work”. But now that I think about it, it just isn’t a joke at this point, in fact, it’s the complete opposite. For starters, Halland has an excellent baseline AA to work with, with just shy of 150 DPS on the long range ring and 350 DPS on the mid-range ring, with a maximum range of 6 kilometers, and even though there is no short range AA to speak of, it is wholly unnecessary with what happens next. Fully buffing the AA suite, by way of BFT, AFT and the Sixth slot modification, along with the flag, nets her 190 Long Range DPS and 460 Mid range DPS, and that’s even before the DFAA kicks in, WITH 100% accuracy.

Uh, holy crap.

Of course, do keep in mind that constant attacks by both surface opponents and aircraft can whittle down the AA defense quite quickly. With just 7 total AA mounts ( 6 x 1 40mm and 1 x 2 57 mm ), a few good HE volleys are enough to quickly neuter it. 

Rating: WTAF

How to make it worse: Removing DFAA or an HE spam Serenade

Maneuverability: Decent

Pros: Has engine boost, decent turning circle, decent rudder shift.

Cons: Average speed without Engine Boost, everyone else is either faster in a straight line or turns tighter.

Halland is halfway decent in terms of maneuverability. The top speed of 35 knots (36.8 with the flag), is around the same as the HMS Daring, and you do actually have Engine Boost on top of it. The turning circle is also decent, at 660 meters, and the 4.3 second rudder shift is also quite good. Unfortunately, it’s at a tier where monster speed demons like the Kleber and Khabarovsk exist, alongside tight turning knife fighters like the aforementioned Daring and the Gearing. This, unfortunately, means that the Halland falls behind the pack, but it’s totally acceptable at the same time.

Rating: Acceptable

How to make it better: An extra knot of speed or 60 meters off her turning circle would do wonders

Concealment: Also Decent

Pros: Massive 9km stealth torpedo window, better than half of the competition at this tier.

Cons: No smoke, Moar radar, the other half of the competition would like to have a word.


If there is one thing that the Halland has going for it in terms of concealment, it’s the fact that it can consistently drop torpedo salvoes with minimal risk of getting detected in return. That, however, is about it. The best detection radius it can achieve is 5.99 kilometers, which is better than all of the major gunships at this tier, such as the Khaba and the Harugumo, but is still worse than ships like Shimakaze and the Yueyang. Adding to this is the lack of a smokescreen, which isn’t a problem on the Kleber, because that thing’s maneuverability defies all preconceptions of logic, but on the Halland, it’s a massive issue, as there is no safe way to actually disengage other than popping behind an island, and with the proliferation of radar at the higher tiers, particularly with the addition of the Alexander Nevsky (and even her own sister ship, the Smaland), even doing that is risky. This gives Halland a poor rating in this category.

Rating: Poor

How to make it better: Give her a damn smokescreen


  • Armor: 4 / 5
  • Armaments: 5 / 5
  • AA: 5 / 5
  • Maneuverability: 3 / 5
  • Stealth: 2 / 5
  • Overall Score: 19 / 25  ( Gudbote )

Angry Potato One-Liner: It’s a good ship without being broken 


Welp, that’s all I got for you folks today. If you have any questions, comments, or salt, do leave them down below



Edited by Shrayes_Bhagavatula
HE Spam Exists, and AA mounts get destroyed, don't they....
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Good read mate, thanks! I have the Halland and Smaland and they’re both great boats (also kept the Ostergotland and picked up Orkan)!

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 Nice review thanks for the time and effort . I am looking into learning to play DDs thanks for the read . 

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