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In What file are Captain's Photos Stored?

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Title says it all...

I know if I use a mod to replace regular captain's photos, then captain's photos for the mod are stored under res mods>9.5>gui>crew commander>base>(individual country)

But if I want to replace the regular captain photo with a new PNG file (the ones that come with the game), where exactly are those files stored? 

Does anyone know, or are they not stored locally or able to be replaced like res mod ones are?

Thanx in advance for any help.


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Playing with the captain images are fun. Since the file structure for where the mods are saved has changed with 9.6, there may be an extra step or two you'll have to take. I'm currently working so I haven't had time to really explore the issue.

You'll need the wowsunpack tool to extract the photos for the nation you want, you'll basically be creating your own mod, with a similar file structure as you described " gui>crew commander>base>(individual country)".

Sorry if that's rather vague but as noted above, I haven't had a chance to see how the new system works yet. Hopefully someone else can chime and give a more detailed process.

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