1. Description Spotter plane icon on the minimap displays the fighter plane icon. The bug affects allied spotter planes as well. Unfortunately, I noticed this bug after there were no remaining enemy spotter planes left, so I cannot confirm if this affects enemy spotter planes.   Note that spotter plane functionality remains the same, so this is purely a visual bug on the minimap. However, it is still important for CV players, who will want to know from the minimap which targets can be safely attacked, and DD players who want to avoid detection from aircraft, as spotting aircraft tend to travel in a larger, slower path around the launch ship when compared to ship launched fighters. 2. How to Reproduce Equip spotter plane. Enter a battle. Launch spotter plane. Observe minimap. Alternatively, enter a battle. Observe an allied spotter plane. Observe minimap. 3. Result The spotter plane will display on the minimap as squad of ship launched fighters. Interestingly, this will also occur on ships that cannot choose between spotter plane and fighters, such as Mikoyan. Screenshots as evidence: Working correctly on live servers Working incorrectly on PTS Working incorrectly on PTS on Mikoyan, who can only slot spotter plane and cannot slot fighters. The spotter plane is still displayed on the minimap as a squad of ship launched fighters.