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Release Average Base Experience to the public

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Think about this:
Players complaining about others being bad at the game. 
Players spamming what to do in chat.
All this grief over your own team winning and LOADS of discussion on these message boards over bad "weekend" players.

Lets get to the root cause of this:  Winning percentage.

Unfortunately, we don't have decent measures of individual skill in this game because base experience is not recorded.  Win rates are currently used as the best indicator of skill at the moment, even when they can be manipulated by divisioning up with good players.  As a result, players need to bump their win rates to get into certain clans or be recognized as a "good player."  A player with 40% win rate can have their stats pumped from players with 60 or 70% win rates by playing with them all the time.  Does that make that 40%er a good player?  Not really.  There are lots of players attempting to pump their own win rates without those 60% WR friends.  There are lots of good players on horrible teams who need to suffer because of others who do not care about the game.  This leads to lots of stress and spamming chat telling others what to do, thus taking away from the enjoyability of this game.  There are even websites which attempt to measure individual skill based on formulas with damage, winning percentages and kills.  What these formulas don't include are percentage damage done to ships, damage to other ships upon spotting, capping, defending caps, playing objectives - basically everything base experience includes.

All of these issues mentioned above can be resolved simply releasing base stats - a simple feature that would be easy to add and have major impact on this game's enjoyability.

Players would not care about winning and losing if their skill was based on average base experience.  All the stress would go away and all the flaming in chat would go away.

Please add this.

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Stats are the cause for all the grief in the game. WG should remove all stats completely. This way the only way to figure out mm is rigged would be by tallying ones’s own games, rather than looking at mmm or xvm etc.

if you didnt know that brainless numpt was a 30%er you wouldn’t be frustrated he was on your team (and yet his ability would remain obvious when in a tier 10 bb he immediately parks behind an island and never fires a shot all match, thus still enabling you to feel superior to him, which is all stats do anyway).

of course win based mm would also address this, but surprisingly the resistance to this comes from those who monger stats once they realize there would be even fewer purple players.

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Or just don't listen or put value to those players making the toxic comments!


I know if I have had a bad match and my contribution to the team was poor. This could be due to poor play on my part, good play by the enemy, or just the mechanics of the game not working for me!

That will not stop the toxic player being toxic - nor will providing another stat! 

All that is likely to do is have one talking WR, where the other talks Base XP, where a 3rd talks damage, and another kills etc etc.

If it is in their nature to blame others - they're going to blame others no matter what. :Smile_honoring:


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I would be more worried about the psychological damage caused if a purple player lost to a really bad player. 

Because the other way around, it's a good thing.

How odd that must be? Unless, the purple is really not good at all and is just on an account created less than a year or so. And the purple numbers are just how the player cherry picked their way to purple.

It's one thing to start out bad and another if you learned along the way. And if you did, but never started over, then you would be about middle ground.

But if you had logged so much time and a clan won't take you because you are not purple, then one could start over and carefully build a purple account to fit in this clan.

To what gain? Resources? I suppose. Steel is the hot commodity, but now one has to demonstrate and maintain that purple stat sheet. Hard to do in current PVP.

Prestige? No. And it can't be to become some awesome streamer either because that takes really hard work and doing it live is tough right now.

Streamers do well not just because of a win record, but because they are engaging, fun, and relatable.

No, the short term of resources does not make sense. The long game is that eventually you farm so much that you got to your end game. And those players that farm seldom have good records.

But when they have the full up base, the entire ship lines done, and finally can play tier 10 without farming; the farmer/ player can only farm. They actually forgot how to fight or use tactics.

This sudden realization leads to Players that farmed to do but one last thing. Get rid of the account and get money for it.

But I don't think anyone would buy one or trade for it.

Why? Because it's not a new player's hard work and I am not sure of this, but it might be frowned upon by WG.

With any investment, an investor must see the value in what was put in and whether to continue investing.

I see no gain by players to farm or pad stats. But one doesn't require winning and the other does.

And the players that are not interested in winning is the problem.

But unfortunately WG is not able to read minds and determine which players are trying to win and those that farm.

There is really no way to know. Numbers will not help. Some players do struggle and that is expected if growing too fast.

And that is why MM can't be skill based. Even at tier 10, there are problems.

And competitive players hate losing all the time. Even in a division, many still lose. The hardest working players that want to win, use their heads, and will take in game advice are few.

They are replaced by arrogance and ignorance.

OP, do your best to division because that is still the best chance to win a match. Right now going PvP alone has high risk.

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People farming for damage would also greatly reduce as damage is used in player ratings.  Base experience is based off damage done by percentage, rather than total, which is a better reflection of impact on a game.  20k dmg to a destroyer is not the same as 20k dmg to a battleship.  However, since base experience is not counted, people resort to farming battleships behind islands to boost their overall damage, which reflects on their player rating.

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