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Having Fun with Agir..... 225k damage w/ replay

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I saw this topic in the EU forums and realized I couldn't post since I have an NA account... so i thought I'd start a topic here since everyone seems to blow off the Agir as a poor ship....




I'm an average player who should know better... I often makes mistakes due to being too aggressive and not waiting long enough to make a push... I find AGIR to be a great ship at pushing caps and stalking island chains since its combo of Hydro, Torps and workable armour makes you a pretty good brawler. I've been using a tank survivability build with a quicker rudder, turrets, and stealth of course. 


His guns can hit very hard if you aim at the right areas... he has much better accuracy than Odin. Long range I shoot above the waterline at BB's and AP superstructure shots at bow on heavy cruisers.... Inside of 8-10km these guns can often punch thru any  BB armour broadside.... With broadside cruiser I find that a little bit of angle... say 10*... mitigates  a fair amount of shot that could become overpens...


I had to pick up a work phone call while duelling the Riga and made two dumb mistakes... shot the rocks TWICE while trying to multi task... otherwise I should have been able to kill her and made more of a nuisance of myself. 


She didnt do to bad against the T8 CV.... was able to fend off most re-attacks after the first strike.


Note that I only fired one broadside of HE all game... I usually load HE for starters to lit up DD's going for early caps.

Secondaries did fairly well, 27% hit rate, and caused 3 fires... for a combined total of 15k damage.... I did NOTHING to buff them. I would also take this with a pinch of salt... as you will see that in the replay... a Bismarck tries to run from me at close range for a song and dance until I showed him what his brother Tirpitz got instead of Hydro... 

I was also able to tank  almost 1.5 million potential damage... not bad for a ship in Cruiser MM...  I also find that you get alot more opportunitites for crosffire broadsides on BB's since they have to angle against your teams BB's.

All in all I am very happy with this ship so far... she needs to play a certain style but it fits me... also I may be biased towards the chonky Germans as I am basically an Angry Prussian in Space/ Imperial Fist.

Imperial Fists Weaponry : 40kLore

Appropriate meme for most of my playstyle this game ....



20200614_202938_PGSC519- BEST REPLAY AEGIR Aegir_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay

Screenshot (2100).png

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Kraken second game out in Agir.  It’s a good bote although has overall weaker armor than Alaska, but just as accurate.  Torps are Always nice to have in a pinch.  Excited to get Siegfried in 2 years when I save up enough RB tokens.

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