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Tutorials for Destroyer Gameplay

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Hi Everyone, 

I am Trollphoon and I am an experienced Warships player from Australia with 13k+ battles across all tiers (on the SEA server). My SEA IGN is LordTyphoon. 

My statistics are here: https://asia.wows-numbers.com/player/2012608192,LordTyphoon/

The Destroyer (DD) is the most poorly understood class of ship in the game. They are more situational and more difficult to play than any other class (yes, carriers included), and I am happy to run tutorials on my stream to give an intro to those who want to learn how to play them better. 

Language will be English, and I am based in Sydney so my time zone is UTC +10.  

Please join my Discord channel below where there will be further information. 

Cheers, and see you on the high seas. 

DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/cYaEfbj

My stream is https://www.twitch.tv/lordtyphoonau

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104 posts
435 battles

Scheduled topics include: 

Z-52 Guide (game version 0.9.5) - POSTPONED due to infestation of radars in T10 battles. It will be extremely challenging to showcase the potential of the Z-52 in the current meta. Once infestation subsides, I will provide a date for this tutorial.
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 1: Basic Skill #1 - Basic Knowledge and Understanding Your Role
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 2: Basic Skill #2 - Pre-Battle Analysis
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 3: Basic Skill #3 - Forming Your Battle Plan
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 4: Basic Skill #4 - The 15-degree Rule
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 5: Basic Skill #5 - Mentality of a Destroyer Player
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 6: Basic Skill #6 - Escape Plan
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 7: Basic Skill #7 - Anticipation (lots of intel, early stage of battle)
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 8: Basic Skill #8 - Positioning Your DD in Defensive, Holding, and Attacking situations
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 9: Basic Skill #9 - Torpedo Aiming and Analysis of Target Motion
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 10: Basic Skill #10 - Torpedo Anticipation and Torpedo Evasion
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 11: Basic Skill #11 - Obtaining and Defending Capture Points
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 12: Basic Skill #12 - Smoke Screen Deployment and Positioning
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 13: Basic Skill #13 - Knife Fighting 1 vs 1
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 14: Expert Skill #1 - Knife Fighting 1 vs many
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 15: Expert Skill #2 - Torpedo Blind Firing
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 16: Expert Skill #3 - Anticipation (no intel, early stage of battle)
Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 17: Expert Skill #4 - Mind Games, Radar Baiting, DD vs DD gameplay

Please join my Discord for more details!

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I think any offer of guidance is great to see, thank you. :Smile_honoring:

However, in this game, 'surges' in certain mechanics happen: radar, fire spammers, CV/planes etc.

Isn't waiting for an 'infestation' to finish, kind of deciding to teach when it's nice/safe to, as opposed to learning to play in the worst type of scenarios?

These surges always happen, and whereas I'm generally ok with the norm, it is where I am in a DD facing 5 radar ships - more with hydro, spotter planes, 2 CVs and enemy gunship DDs with RPF, that I can do with help. Soon add Subs.

Thank you.

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