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Sell Tier 8 Ragnorak!

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Good Afternoon World Of Warships support.

I purchased the presale Warhammer pack in hopes of receiving the Tier 8 Ragnorak Ship along with its captain. I am wondering if it is at all possible for the team to not only place the option of buying the ship in the premium shop, but also allow ship to fire from the gun in the mouth of the dragon and put a color such as red streams from the bullets.

Dedicated World Of Warships Player.

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Regarding the details of the Warhammer event I really don't know a thing. I guess you get personal missions when you buy the presale package.  But regarding the ship, the Ragnarok seems like a reskin Amagi. Usually is what we got for these events. And, in spite of the fashion paintjob, the ship itself is an Amagi and will behave like an Amagi. If than gun, in the bow, were funtional it would mean there are magazines in the bow, Which is not armored. So the first 152mm shell that hit the bow will actually citadel you.¡You could be detonated in the first shot!
Other possibility is that the barrel is actually  50 meters long and the gun and maganzines are somewwhre in the citadel. That's goign to make the guns somthing like /300 calibers long. The muzzle power of that will be incredible. But it could only be fire one or two times before tubes be worn out.

Jokes apart, is a fantasy game , so anithing is possible. But I wouldn't count on making those functional.      

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