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World of Warship Ship Opinions: Grosser Kurfurst Redux

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World of Warships Ship Opinions: Grosser Kurfurst Redux

Großer Kurfürst | World of Warships Wiki | Fandom

When you’ve pissed off the Krauts for the LAST TIME

Tell me something, my dear readers. What makes a warship special? Is it the history it has, the power, the speed, or a combination of multiple other things? Well, let me tell you what I think makes a warship special. It’s the perfect combination and harmony of millions of moving parts working together to create a well-oiled machine that takes away the breath of even the most stone-cold warriors I have ever met, whether in reality, or within the digital realm that we dwell in day after day. And no warship is as good at taking your breath away as the biggest(and meanest) of the krauts, the Grosser Kurfurst, or, for those who can’t speak German, the Great Elector. Standing at an impressive 313.5 meters in length, over 85,000 tons in displacement, and with a colossal amount of armor and firepower to back up the huge size and rakish looks, this German Mega-Hammer is one warship you’d rather not face at anything less than 10 kilometers. But what makes this giant bratwurst so special, anyways? That’s what we’re going to find out in today’s edition of Ship Opinions Reduxed.


Armor: Iron Chancellor Supreme

Pros: Gigantic HP pool, Massive healing potential, minimal 32mm sections effective distributed armor, Turtleback [edited]

Cons: Fire, Fire, and more Fire, weak torpedo belt, large size, turtleback does not completely negate damage.

If there’s one thing that has always stood out about this gigantic wiener, it’s the armor. Over 380mm of multilayered broadside armor and a 120mm turtleback slope protect 105,800 points worth of frankfurters from being completely erased in a single shot. In fact, the Kurfurst had ( and still does have ) the best armor scheme of all the battleships in the game, period. In addition to the massive amounts of broadside armor, the Kurfurst also has a 120mm extended armor belt, a 50mm deck that covers almost the entire ship ( save a few extremity parts ), and a raised 60mm icebreaker that completely prevents overmatch shots from the likes of Yamato, Musashi, and Shikishima. The turrets are also fairly well armored, and while it isn’t to the extent of something like the aforementioned Yamato, it’s still extremely tough to disable or even completely destroy the turrets. There are only two real weaknesses to the entire ship, and that is Fire damage and torpedoes. The first can be mitigated by properly equipping the ship with flags, upgrades, and commander skills, and the second can be negated by judicious use of the complementary Hydroacoustic Search consumable, but we’ll get to that later. One other thing of note is related to the turtleback armor scheme. While the turtleback will largely prevent citadel damage, it will not prevent regular penetration damage, as I have learned many times, usually the hard way. Point is, don’t show broadside. 

Not like you can’t, anyways…

Rating: WTAF

Armaments: More Iron Chancellor Supreme

Pros: Montana-rivaling broadside firepower, Excellent rate of fire ( for a BB ), Titanic secondary armament with long range and high penetration, rapid turret traverse compared to other BBs, TWO gun options ( 406mm or 420mm )

Cons: Questionable accuracy from time to time, inconvenient firing arcs on rear turrets, secondaries require heavy specialization.

Firepower has also been one of the Kurfurst’s calling cards. Largely in terms of the sheer volume of fire that it can put downrange in a short span of time. I mean, seriously. 12 16 inchers and a tremendous secondary battery with the ability to basically ruin the day of anything that has the stupidity ( or the guts ), to wander within secondary range are certainly enough to dissuade most opponents. Going back to the main guns for a moment. The Kurfurst is unique among Tier X Battleships in the fact that it has two different gun options. The first option being the rapid fire 406mm L/52 guns, and the second being the incredibly punchy 420mm L/48 guns. The 406mm guns have the fastest reload of all the tech tree battleships, at 29 seconds, while the 420mm guns trade 3 seconds of reload ( for some reason ) for increased shell damage, penetration, and energy retention over longer ranges. Either way, if RNJesus blesses you, there is very little that can survive the Montana-equivalent Apocalypse hammer that is the Kurfurst main battery. Now I bring up RNJesus, because, well, the Kurfurst isn’t exactly the most accurate thing in the world, and despite the fact that it shares a dispersion curve with the Montana and the Conqueror, the American has the ability to equip the special sixth slot upgrade, and the Brit has a lower vertical dispersion curve thanks to the unusually low shell velocity of it’s 419mm guns. Another issue lies with the rather inconvenient firing arcs of the rear turrets, and while it’s not as bad as say, Vanguard ( poor thing ), it’s still quite bad. However, because this is a German Battleship, the firing arcs aren’t so much of an issue as it should be, because unlike a Conqueror or a Montana, you don’t run the risk of being completely obliterated in one salvo if you show broadside.

There, that’s the main battery sorted out, now we’ll move on to the secondary guns. Hoo-boy, where do I start. Well, for starters, the Kurfurst has one of the largest secondary batteries in the game, with a grand total of 20 128mm barrels in 10 twin turrets and 8 150mm barrels  in 4 twin turrets. The Kurfurst’s secondary battery also has massive, and I do mean, massive, DPM, thanks to built-in 32mm penetration on the 128mm guns, which make up the bulk of her secondaries. The 150mm guns are just the icing on the cake, with a lower rate of fire, but higher penetration ( 38mm ) and higher alpha strike. The secondaries can also reach an excellent range of 11.6 kilometers with a full specialization and a flag mounted. However, that specialization is another one of the big weaknesses, as the Kurfurst does require no less than a 16 point captain to operate at maximum efficiency. Ohio, on the other hand, requires only a 12 point or better captain. Still, a point made is a point made, especially when it comes to firepower, and the Kurfurst certainly has plenty of that. A couple of other niceties I forgot to mention include a legendary upgrade that boosts your firepower to even more absurd levels, and a decently quick turret traverse of 40 seconds that allows you to keep pace even during hard maneuvers.

Rating: WTAF

AA: Decent

Pros: Long range AA throws out a large amount of flak per salvo, Secondary build simultaneously buffs AA as well.

Cons: AA is lackluster compared to pretty much everything else, except Yamato .

Welp, AA is AA, I guess, and for the Kurfurst, it’s not as good as it used to be. The one good thing that can actually be said of here is the fact that a full secondary specialization actually buffs the AA to fairly decent levels, and the fact that it does actually throw out a massive amount of flak per salvo ( and the flak does HUGE amounts of damage, should it connect ). Otherwise, well, it’s not bad, but it’s not Montana levels of AA. There, nuff said.

Rating: Acceptable

Maneuverability: Fast Brick

Pros: High top speed, relatively quick rudder shift

Cons: Massive speed loss in a turn, massive turning radius.

I’d call the Kurfurst’s handling terrible, but I can’t because it isn’t terrible. The German has a decent top speed of 30 knots, and a rudder that’s on the faster side of the spectrum, at 19.4 seconds, but it has a gargantuan turning radius of 1,050 meters and it loses nearly 6.5 knots of speed in a turn. The only reason why it isn’t rated lower is because of the fact that Montana has a glacial rudder shift compared to this ship, and because the Kremlin has a wider turning circle than most icebergs, and because the Yamato and Ohio are slower as well. So, it’s acceptable, at this point.

Rating: Acceptable

Concealment: More Brick

Pros: German Hydro, Spotter Aircraft

Cons: Everything else

Just like every other aspect that’s actually relevant, the Kurfurst isn’t subtle about it’s concealment. It has a massive detection radius of over 18 kilometers, and with a full concealment build, it can’t even drop below 14 kilometers. This, obviously, makes the Kurfurst a juicy target for the lolibotes, and thankfully, it does have a tool to counteract their sly ways and cheeky attitudes: Hydroacoustic Search, and not just any Hydroacoustic Search, but the German Hydroacoustic Search, with a massive 6 kilometer range on ship detection and an equally impressive 4 kilometer detection range for torpedoes. This means that Kurfurst doesn’t just have the ability to defend itself against torpedo threats for a very long time ( 2 minutes is as much as the reload on some torpedo tubes ), but it can also hunt down destroyers that are hiding within a smokescreen, patiently waiting to torpedo the Kurfurst, when all it has to do is literally just park next to a smokescreen, flip on the hydro, and just hammer away. Another nice feature is the Spotter Aircraft, which is useful for detecting enemy warships from beyond the detection range of your Hydroacoustic Search ( though this is largely just battleships and not much else )

Rating: Poor


The Verdict

Armor: 5 / 5

Armaments: 5 / 5

AA: 3 / 5

Maneuverability: 3 / 5

Stealth: 2 / 5

Overall Score: 18 / 25

Angry Potato Review: You can keep your Russian Bias. Kurfurst is still the Bratwurst Supreme


Welp, that’s all I’ve got for you folks today. If you have any questions, comments, or salt, do leave them down below.

Another thing, I just set my current damage record this afternoon, with this ship, with 239,907 damage and a High Caliber and Confederate, plus 159,531 damage tanked. It was a defeat, yes, but I loved every moment of that battle.



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