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Did 9.5 include an AA buff?

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1 hour ago, gbgentry said:

My planes have been getting absolutely shredded since the update.


Not noticed any unusual AA performance. Might just be the new ships that were added, the map changes to some maps making air approaches more difficult at times, or the fact there are CV missions that you might subconsciously be trying a little too hard to complete leading to just a bit of recklessness. I have done the latter a few times myself.

Another possibility is the fact that with CV missions being active during this event, players may very well be using AA upgrades to counter the inevitable CV threats currently. Like I am seeing double CVs on tier 8 teams which certainly will motivate players to bring better AA. Like if I am using a surface ship like Bismarck or a DD during this event I will have AA signal flags mounted which I usually save for times like this.plus the fact the more I continue to play the game ever sine the CV Rework, the more ships in my port that have and will be equipped with BFT AA skill to better counter CV, which is a notable increase in AA effectiveness. And I am sure the same is happening with many other players.

So while there have been no AA upgrades in the patch notes I have read. There are the other factors I mentioned above.

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Yeah considering we get daily CV threads on how OP supposedly they are I wouldn't surprise  :Smile_sceptic:  Seriously the one that really get triggered by CVs are the Main DD players :Smile_smile:

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