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Nevsky and IFHE

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Not a whole lot of other places to put those 4 points. Can’t pen American bb but definitely does all 32mm bbs and t9 supercruiser decks with ifhe.

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There is no right answer and it all comes down to personal preference.  Personally I prefer it without IFHE as it allows it to excel in the niche of a long range fire starter, while also maximizing its performance against other cruisers and DDs.  Even with IFHE, it still can't pen the deck armor of a majority of Tier 10 tech tree BBs, so it gets somewhat diminishing returns for the lost fire chance.  

When I run it IFHE I find I spend a lot of time wishing I was in a Hindenburg instead given its superior fire starting and more consistent DPM against non French and British BBs.   

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