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Am I not the only one who has this issue?

After I updated my game, I tried to access the new dockyard feature in the game, but was met with an "endless loading screen".

World of Warships 6_10_2020 12_13_17 PM.png

Because of this, I was forced to turn off/on my computer to escape this issue. I'm still not able to access it lest I want to get stuck in this situation.

I already sent a ticket, and I'm hoping that WG would issue a patch to fix this issue soon.

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Some of you may have encountered a problem due to which entry into the Dockyard was not possible. We have prepared a fix to resolve this issue.


If you don’t experience the described problems, you do not need to install this correction.


If you want to apply this fix now, you should follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Close the game.
  2. Download the archive Install_patch_fix_for_0.9.5.zip
  3. Unzip the archive (the «Install_patсh_fix_for_0.9.5» folder) to your WoWs game root folder (the one containing /bin32 /bin64 /screenshot and other subfolders).
  4. Go to the unzipped «Install_patсh_fix_for_0.9.5» folder.
  5. Launch the file «apply-patch.bat»
  6. Apply changes by typing the number «1» to the window that appears, and press «Enter».
  7. Launch the game as usual.

If this fix doesn't help, please, post to the forum in the corresponding topic or reach out to Customer Support.

If you come across any new issues that appear after you apply this fix, you can roll back changes by launching «apply-patсh.bat» again, choosing option «2», pressing «Enter» and then relaunching the game client.


As a temporary Work Around (without installing the fix that I sent), you can ask users to move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the window and move it a bit (activate browser animation) and after that the Dockyard starts working.


A few details about the problem and the affected players.

Only 3 categories for which the problem is repeated and relevant.

  1. All Intel HD
  2. All MAC systems
  3. All video cards without support for DirectX feature level 11.1 (NVIDIA everything below 900 series, AMD everything below 7000 series, Intel HD everything below 510).


All of these configurations are now affected by this bug.

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