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Odin vs Ägir (and new releases)

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Found under "New Content" in the Update 0.9.5 notes:


Well, now we see that:

1. I'll never be able to get Siegfried :Smile_sad:

2. Ägir is being released for 1,000,000 fxp


Huge credit to LittleWhiteMouse for her recent Odin review. My question comes with comparing Odin and Ägir.

As far as I can tell these two ships seem to have similar armament with Odin seeming to have better armor (icebreaker bow) compared to Ägir which has more hp. Odin also has longer range secondaries.

Given the gripes of the Odin's main battery at T8 mm (and armament in general), would the Ägir really be worth it for just more hp? On the surface I would disagree and give the Odin the advantage, but I'm curious if anyone else has an opinion.

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  • being a cruiser player, and
  • having only Emden and Spee as German premiums, and
  • purchasing (coal, FXP - NO $$$) ONLY T9 and below boats,

I'm quite interested in Agir.

Debating on whether I'll push for Odin or save the free doubloons I've saved for some other cruiser.

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42 minutes ago, Lonewolfpj said:

What ever happened to California?

USN ships don't count at WG, which is why they have been power crept by the paper shite.

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I'll never be able to get Sieggy either. Aww. :Smile_sad:

However, I'll just cleanly give her up. There're some things in life that are just out of reach, no matter what I try, and it is what it is. :fish_book:

I'll just be happy to grab Agir. :Smile_Default:

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