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Desync Issues during Clan Battles last night

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Last night during clan battles we fought another clan on the Haven Map. During the game, the DM (Cdr_Niki) in A cap lines up on a Henry IV coming around the corner of an island. The replay from his (Cdr_Niki)) computer shows a completely different view from what I saw on the replay on my computer. My computer (mushmouthmorton) replay shows horrendous desync. His replay shows minimal desync.

Attached are the two replays. Which one is right? If we cannot trust what we are seeing on our screens, how are we supposed to play this game? There is no way to play a competitive event like Clan Wars when you are at the mercy of a random event that completely nullifies how well you play your ship. Please review these files and see if you can supply and answer.





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So if you could, please put a ticket in with the replays attached. @foodprinter may be able to give you more information however.


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