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XP Rewards

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Russians are big hockey fans, right? Must be since I have a dozen Ovechkin clones in my port. So how about recognizing assists when it comes times to award Experience at the end of a battle?

I had a Friesland game, not a great one - I had something like 30K damage and only 1 kill, but I screened for my flank, provided smoke for my cruisers, and spotted three or four waves of Shima torps before I was able to track him down and sink him. But none of that is what I’m talking about. By the end of the game I had 190K spotting damage and at least two of my teammates’ kills were directly the result of my vision. Basically, I did my job as a destroyer and I really do enjoy playing that way. I’m not a damage farmer, I’m a win farmer. I’m a DD main and stupid as it sounds, I love doing the mundane DD things like spotting.

That said, at the end of this game, like many others I’ve had with low personal damage/kills and high spotting, I ended up way down on the scoreboard with 1100 base damage on the win. My teammates on that flank were fairly generous and I got the usual Good Job in chat, etc...But they were much higher in terms base XP and the other rewards, and I’m not saying they didn’t deserve it, not at all. I’m not saying some of their XP should go to me, only that additional XP should be generated to reward teamplay like spotting damage and kill assists.

The game needs a bigger carrot to encourage teamwork, I guess that’s my point. I know it’s been said before, many times, but I want to say it again just in case WG hires some newb that doesn’t know any better and he takes the suggestion upstairs for action. That would be nice.

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The problem with actually rewarding those things is they can be abused and according to Maple Syrup DD's are doing fine as far as experience even though their damage is much lower than for other ship types.

Higher tier is 7 - 10 and lower tier is 1 - 6.

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They design a game that requires team play but don't reward team play. Then they wonder why the game is broken.

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You get XP more by shooting at or being shot at by a higher tier ship. You also get XP for damage AA, secondaries, fires, number of shots landed on targets whether pen or fire not applied. Even ricochets, broken shells overpen, and whiffs close to a ship count some.

Yes spotting is key, but so is defense cap ribbons.

Straight up assists like laying smoke while you spot for the ship you smoke for does pay some.

But try to think about all the aspects I mentioned above. They all add up.

For example, I attacked a CV with myself Harugumo and rather than use torpedoes and HE, I used AP to ding the ship for at lot of landed shots.

Because Russian Devs not only like hockey, but they also like boxing. And one type of scoring that absolutely counts in boxing is number of punches thrown versus punches landed.

That scoring system is used in the case of no knockouts and the judges go to the cards. The cards track the punches and the boxer that lands the most wins.

This is what is called active participant scoring. The more active you are, the more awards you get.

Sitting in the back of a game is fine if you are a Battleship, but unless you deliver one hard strike after another, high DPM ships will get in the most damage, but not necessarily the most XP because they have to apply all aspects to get the Max values.

Active participation, that is what WG rewards. Meeting objectives and scoring ribbons of many types adds up. And the wins quite often come naturally if all team members do it.

If you are the only one however, then you will likely lose the match, but lead the board.


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