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Submarine Overhaul In Detail: Part 4- Sonar, team spotting/communications .

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If you have read this far, thank you. 

For all of you who are still wondering what I am going to replace the “ping” with, here it is. 

THE ping will be a spotting mechanic. But it will have a price. It would now be an active sonar. When you use it. It will send out a pulse. That lights up every ship or sup in its sphere (it will be omnidirectional) for you. Whether or not you get to tell that to your team depends on the previous prerequisites. 

it would have two huge draw backs.. first, it take massive chunks out of your battery... as in you can’t do 3 of them without a recharge.  The second is that everyone you light up both knows they are pinged and roughly where it came from. 

Now for team communications. For my sanity (and probably yours at this point) I am limping in all information between the sub players spotting and data gathering. As well as the usage of the map. 

in short. Unless the submarine is surfaced. Or at periscope depth. It can tell the team nothing. This includes quick commands and manually pinging the map. This is the only way I can think of to keep players from loopholing a sub into a super scout. This goes both ways. When a sub is fully submerged. All his map will show is the last known position of both friend and enemy. 

outside of the game communications.. well we can’t control that can we, but the idea is for a sub to have to at least take on a significant amount of risk to do his part in spotting and team communications. 

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one way or another subs will eventually be in randoms, it's a matter of time. I can see why people are hesitant on subs. I think it's a great addition to the game!

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