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Subs. Meh.

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I've played a few games in sub operations.  All I've played is Monaghan, which is a pretty decent DD if you're not seeing a bunch of tier VIII's every battle.  Subs have been mostly a non-issue.  If anything, they are just targets that allow me to rack up points.  I think I've been hit by a sub torpedo once, and I killed the sub that launched it a few seconds later.  But this is tier VI.  I hope WG plans to test this at all tiers before releasing subs to random, ranked, and clan battles.  I've been able to get away with charging subs and depth charging them to death at tier VI.  But at higher tiers, I don't think I'd be able to get away with that.  Between radar and much more accurate guns, I'd be killed long before I got within depth charge range.  And subs are waaayyy too fast.  If they're not on the surface, where they can be hit by guns like any other ship, they need to be limited to 10-15 knots.  I've had good luck because I've only been playing a DD.  But if I were in a ship without depth charges...





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