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Subs? Kill this concept before people spend money on it

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You will effectively kill the last gaming services with me and a lot of others as well if y'all decide to put this garbage into this game. I like sub games from the past but the way you people are trying to set up its current game play is nothing more than pure garbage and I will delete this last game like I did with Tanks and War Planes. Its bad enough that I keep getting the one sided games where it feels like the winner of the battle was already picked before the game started but to have yet another game mode to get creamed by super bots? Ive played this mode for the past two days and its nothing more than complete garbage. Who thinks up the idea of pinging the enemy target front and back especially with the other player is moving, BBs cant do a thing to Subs, subs don't have the same lead indicators as other ships for torps when on the surface... I mean, this is a really a stupid concept. I was already thinking about just cutting my funding for this game because of the stupid OVER PENs with hardly any damage but this now?

I like many others in here have spent a ton of money over the years with you guys and its coming to a close to an end. I got rid of tanks because of the RNG and the match making, I got rid of planes 3 months ago because that game play is completely stupid, (shoot down 18 planes and your wingmans 17 kills and STILL loose the battle to someone who had 47 battles to there name that was blessed with super bots) and now this, it's almost out the door. Y'all just need to kill this little project of yours before y'all start taking peoples money or you will see large numbers of people like me leave WG altogether or in the lest bit, have its current game mode where its isolated. I can assure you this, once this goes to randoms and coop, I'm out and WG will never get anymore of my money. I'll make sure that I will take as many of my friends with me who just as tired of this non-since as I am.

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WG does not give a crap about the game, or its player base. If you mention something negative they will sugar coat it or just dismiss it. and if it hits too close to the real truth it may get removed. (sounds like old methods). They will get people to pay for their pixel ships, and then gank  the ships like they always s have after purchase.  The new players that might stick it out for a bit can feed the Money Pit Vipers (MPV's) of the Animal Farm (great book) and seems to be the manual for WG business blueprint but then somethings are just inherited.


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