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Question about resetting lines

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How much free xp would I need to get the Ohio? I think you have to reset a line 5 times to get the 50k points you would need to get it. If anyone has a estimate that would help a lot. TIA

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I just got Ohio earlier this month.
Ohio is 62,000 Research Points.... but if you have the 10k points awarded for unlocking the Research Bureau here's how to get 70k with 3 resets.

Technically, you can do it resetting 3 times, over a span of 3 months and 2 days.
The first line reset of a season gets double points. bonuses on a reset line rolls over until the ship is played.
It only takes 3 resets, if 3 resets are each the first of a season.

1. If you have NOT reset a line yet, near the end of this season reset a line for 2x bonus
2. grind 1-5 or use FXP for hulls only on entire line, don't buy anything above tier 5
3. after the beginning of the second season, reset the same line again for second 2x bonus
4. repeat step 2
5, after the beginning of the third season, reset the line again for third 2x bonus
6. grind or FXP the line, buy the ships, first win in each ship tier 6-10 will reward all the points accumulated for the resets totaling 60k.

the cheapest line reset for FXP is the IJN DD's, 684,000 FXP for just the hull research 2-10.
Using FXP twice for the hulls research would be 1,368,000.
Three times and it's 2,052,000.
If you time it right and depending on whether you use FXP for the third research run, you are without the line for a little more than one season. 

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Thanks Admiral.  This is great.  

I've found the whole RB process hard to follow, but this makes sense.

Now to wait until the next season...


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