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Fix Carrier Autopilot!

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Since day one of this rework auto pilot has been a disaster. You did do a good job fixing the issue with the carriers running into islands but it still happens. Now there is an issue when it runs to the map edge and just sets there or worse starts backing up and fails to correct itself. Even though the dot track shows it clearly has enough room to negotiate the turn without even coming close to the border. Apparently the markers that indicate the course of travel is something else that needs to be looked at since it is rarely ever right when it comes to where the carrier is with respect to the edge of the map or an island. Had a game the other day where it did this and when I got back to the carrier I found it was parallel to the map boundary and just backing up even though a way point was in fact set asking it to move along the map edge to the other side. Thing is if you cant fix this and it appears you cant then give us back control to go back to the carrier while our squadron is still in the air so we can mitigate these maneuvers ourselves! I found it ignorant that you removed that ability in the first place and I guess for no other reason than you wanted to dumb down carrier play as much as possible so as to cater to those who should never get in one in the first place. If a player is incapable of managing the ship and a single squadron at the same time, they should not be playing carriers and the rest of us should not have to suffer from a failed developer mechanic because of this lame design choice!

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Yeah, some times it just need to set in reverse. But instead do a massive circle just to get spotted...I know it has been improved (first version was terrible) and i say thank you for that. But still need more polishment

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