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Rebuild our Naval Base

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most people that join clan's are kick out after a year of service to that clan or longer . or . in most cases it is likely more of that  1 to 6 months  and they are kick .

Reason's very from discrimination to system line failures to not be able to play for long period time's  such as maybe 1 to 4 hours worth 

or that of to be Normal Game Play Time for the person's day . Any hows we the people that build these navy bases should be able to take our Oil to another Naval Base

when we rejoin a Clan after been kick the only person that benefits with us not been able to take our oil with us is the clan holder known as the owner of the clan .

if you make so many hundreds of oil  and then your down the clan owner kicks you keeping the oil bringing in a new member and keeping the function going until 

he or she achieve a full base built and the slaver gets nothing . with this new O N B 's coming why can we not just reset everything and give to the member of war gaming his oil to take 

with him where ever he so go.

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I got kicked once (lack of slots) after I had contributed about 10K oil.

I came back to the same clan later on (after clan battles) and that contribution went to zero.

Whatever folks..  The mechanism is not perfect.  I'm not sore.

Don't like it?  Start your own clan.

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Hope these solutions help:

1.  Start your own clan

2.  Join a better clan that won't kick you out

3.  I think their is a Lonewolf clan that accepts members who are just looking for a clan to have base benefits.  Look them up on the clan recruitment page.

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