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Offer tailored Achievements for Ranked

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I'm not sure all the Achievements make the same amount of sense in Ranked as they do in Randoms.

The Standard Achievements are all fine. But for instance, Confederate and High Caliber, where you have to damage at least four or six ships, respectively - that seems easier to achieve in Randoms where you have almost twice the number of potential targets in the first place.

Same goes for the Kraken, for which in Ranked, you need to delete 71% of the enemy team, compared to 42% in Randoms.

Also Witherer since you need to do a fixed amount of damage while the total hit point pool available to farm is much smaller.

Solo Warrior also seems much harder, especially since the maps are usually smaller than in Randoms for the same tier.

Besides, special Ranked achievements might give an extra incentive for constructive teamplay. For example, there could be a Scouting achievement for getting a certain number of spotting Ribbons. That sort of thing.

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