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Client freeze spikes from the Chat system

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This is somewhat of a trivial issue, and somewhat of an assumption to the cause, but there is a client freeze of a few seconds or more that happens regularly throughout game play when in divisions. I can not be certain if a division makes THE difference, or if it compounds the problem and/or makes it more frequent. I am pretty well convinced that its caused from the relay of the chat system and game client. Id assume they communicate to each other from separate servers, but that again is an assumption.

Id like to know if this is an accurate guess to the issue, and is this even something that is known to be happening by Wargaming?

So, recently another player had started a new account for whatever reason (I believe he was helping his son setup an account if I remember correctly) , and realized that his game client was not having this issue, where his original account did. He tested both accounts on same computer and confirmed that his main account would freeze up routinely in division (Ops div full 7 man) and the other account later on with nearly same people in Division was smooth as could be, no freezing at all.

It is pretty clear that the issue (freeze spikes) are non existent or not noticeable until you accumulate a large enough contact list, and as your contact list grows in numbers, so does the amount of time the game client will freeze up. I will add that I believe it intensifies, or triggers a freeze spike when you change chat windows. ie, from your division to Ops chat, or from Ops chat to your clan chat, etc. That could be just coincidence, but worth noting.

I have some 450+ contacts on my list. Now, this might seem like a lot to some of you but I know to others it isnt that large. What happens is this; When you want to add a player to your division you must first add them to your contact list. Then you can invite them to your division. Well, when you play Operations, its not uncommon at all to cycle through different players all day long. Lets just say you add 10 new player contacts a day, you are trying to just get that division full and into battle without waisting everyone's time sitting at port. Who the hell has time to sort every contact, or even delete them regularly enough (some people you might only see that day or a few times and vanish) to keep your contact list to a minimum?

So really I would like to know a couple things; 

1 -Is this issue known about by WG? (and do they even see it as an issue?)
2 - How can I clean my contact list out with any efficiency, as in bulk deletion of contacts. (I am only aware of deleting single contact at a time at the moment)

I know this is well known by many, but even more are unaware of it happening what so ever. They tend to be people that do not have large contact lists. (they do not run division commander in Operations regularly to cause issue)

Thanks guys, hope I got everything

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