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Capt Skill for the RU CA

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I’ll model the Tallin after the Don, but the Riga and T10? PT/PM/EL (choose 1)for 1 pt. EM and AR 2 pt. SI at 3 pt and CE at 4 pt. 

I don’t think I need FP or BoS. DE seems a waste with the poor fire chance and slow RoF. Vigilance? JoaT? The other 1 pt skills? 


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Riga and Petropavlovsk look like they can take a standard heavy cruiser concealment build. I plan to mirror my USN CA captain build for both of them. 

Edit: I always take Expert Loader on CAs because the ability to quickly swap ammo types seems vitally important. 

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I forget exactly what I've got in my Russian cruiser but it'd be something like:

  • Priority Target
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Superintendent
  • Concealment Expert
  • Radio Location
  • High Alert

Last three points you could go:

  • Demolition Expert even though it's not exactly super helpful especially at the higher levels like you say.
  • Basics of Survivability. Although if you take Damage Con 2 in Mod slot 4, and have a India Yankee flag you're only saving 600 HP per fire that stays lit, how often do you get smacked with fire that goes that long?
  • Survivability Expert: Flat 3500 HP extra by the time you get to Tier 10. It's not a huge amount 
  • Last Stand or Expert Marksman and Expert Loader or Preventive Maintenance
  • Take all the other 1 point surface warship skills.

I would probably end up picking Expert Marksman & Preventative Maintenance.

The Russian, IJN and USN CL lines are all pretty similar in my experience. Heavy Cruisers don't have a huge pool of essential skills so you can be a bit more loose than say, BB Tank/Secondary or CL HE Spammer builds that often need up to 3 four point skills.

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