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The Premature Celebration.

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Some stories, no matter the feelings involved, just need to be told.

Ranked battles, Neighbors map. Red caps all 3 zones. Slowly, thru effective communication and strong teamwork, we claw our way back. We have 2 BBs left, they have 2 DD, 1 CL...

One BB caps A, and eliminates the CL, while I cap B and drop 1 DD. We then begin hunting down the invisible Z-39 like two hunting dogs on either side of a bunny, as he feebly attempts to torpedo these veteran Battleship Captains skillfully zigzagging. One problem: We only will win on points if we can prevent him from entering one of our 2 caps.

Strategy change: 1 BB to A, 1 to B. The clock winds down as the constant maneuvering continues. 15 seconds left, we take the lead on points and the win is assured. In my glee, I loose a lengthy, celebratory horn blast: We did it!

Six seconds and the torpedo warning sounds. 2 seconds, and I am hit with 4 torpedoes. Red wins. Yes, when I stopped the turn and sounded my horn the deadly spread was already on its way, and somehow perfectly aimed at where I ended up. I lost the match, personally!

Dare I ask: have any of you ever done anything similar, and are willing to share your story of ignominious defeat?

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It's OK it can happen to anyone.

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Been there many times. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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