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Is the Hydro Upgrade Worth it for Cossack?

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This might be better suited for the RN DD sub forum, but I was wondering if the Hydro Upgrade from the armory is worth the coal. I'm saving coal for something undecided (maybe Black, maybe Salem, maybe Cunningham, idk), so I'm hesitant on buying the Hydro Mod/Upgrade/Whatever it is. I haven't been in a situation where it really would have benefited me and I honestly don't think I've taken more than like 2 torps ever in my Cossack (both of those were CV dropped torps that weren't even aimed at me. Let's just say that dying like that was a representative of that entire match for me :Smile_veryhappy:).  I guess this question can stretch to also cover Lightning, Jutland, and Daring.

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Due to the very long duration I don't see much point, especially if you are also running Superintendent. I would rather use the Engine Boost upgrade since Cossack is pretty unique in that regard and can end up being quite speedy.

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