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Reminiscing in a match

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6 years ago this September I was married. We vacationed in Myrtle Beach (A little cliche) and on our way down we stopped to see any museum ships that may be in our path. My favorite ship that I have seen in real life is the USS North Carolina. Stepping aboard that ship was like stepping back into WW2. You could explore almost anywhere on the ship and it was in it's original condition. My wife and I loved every moment we spent on the ship. Got some great pictures and just generally loved the experience altogether.

I have been a naval fanatic for years. Whether it was loving the story and song of the Bismark. Or hearing about Old Ironsides and imagining her in battle. It was all thrilling to me and made me want to join the Navy. I did try to join but at the time Asthma was a condition that forbid you from joining. So I decided to enjoy museum ships as they were the closest I could come.

Then we went aboard the North Carolina, one of my first tours of a real life BB that was still of the era in it's hardware. It was amazing. I wanted to experience being on her during WW2. I wanted to be at sea, with the waves crashing against her bow, 16 inch guns firing away at ships possibly to far for me to see.

Then in 2015 World of Warships comes to closed beta.

Today I got the USS North Carolina in game and took her for a match. I loved every moment of that game. I didn't care that there was a tier 10 CV, or that there were 4 DD's. I didn't care that I was the lowest of the BB's or that she had a citadel that could be hit from fifty miles away. I was sailing the USS North Carolina in naval combat.

Thank you Wargaming. The games not perfect, and there are always problems that need fixed. But from someone who truly loves these ships and the marvel of engineering and design that they were, I really appreciate the opportunity to feel like I'm behind the helm of one. Especially one I've seen in real life.

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