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Can someone at WG please explain to me why you need to know what level of schooling I finished , what language I speak and am I fluent in English or not ( well on that last one NO I'm a Aussie ) and what year I was born. 

I find it ironic asking if I'm fluent in English when half DEV blogs posted in the PAST showing us new content where posted in Russian on the N/A server, you need a linguist to know what's written.


Gender *

  • Male
  • Female
What year were you born in? *
-- Please Select --2012201120102009200820072006200520042003200220012000199919981997199619951994199319921991199019891988198719861985198419831982198119801979197819771976197519741973197219711970196919681967196619651964196319621961196019591958195719561955195419531952195119501949194819471946194519441943194219411940193919381937193619351934193319321931193019291928192719261925192419231922192119201919

What is your highest level of education? *

  • Incomplete high school/secondary school education (either current or past student)
  • Completed high school/secondary school
  • Completed vocational (non-degree) education/training
  • Completed higher education (college/university)

How would you assess your English language proficiency?

  • I am fluent
  • I can understand English, but can't speak fluently
  • I can understand a little English
  • I lack any knowledge of English
  • Other (please spesify) 
  • I don't know






to old to remember 

English Language Proficiency

I am fluent in Australian


Sink Russian ships on sight (SOS )

There survey done



More crap once you answer a question 

Marital status and  children, what is this crap.



Marital status *
  • Not married
  • Married (including common-law marriage)
  • Divorced
Do you have children? *
  • No
  • Yes, 1
  • Yes, 2
  • Yes, 3 and more
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Ridiculous. Did they ask how much money do you make and how much money do you plan to spend?

The question they should ask is

Do you want two CVs per side?

  • Always
  • Often
  • Never

Do you want Subs?

  • In a separate mode
  • In a separate Op
  • Make a separate game for them like WOWP
  • Never
  • Cool 2
  • Boring 3

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They are seeking demographic information. It helps them market the product if they know who they are reaching as a player base. It helps them understand how to design future promotions to appeal to the greatest majority of their player base. With the massive surge in player numbers recently, the core of the player base may have shifted, and these polls are likely meant to ascertain if this is the case.

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There has been a massive number of new players entering the game, as well as former players recalling they once had an account in this game and returning to playing it once more.    The reason?    Simple - the quarantine.    I've seen clan memberships players reflecting an influx of players from 2015 on who have very low numbers of battles played indicating they have been inactive for a number of years or played infrequently.    Once the quarantine is lifted and people begin to return to work, going out, and socializing outside their homes I believe we will see that large influx of players return to their former habits and quit playing once again.   The quarantine was a "golden opportunity" that World of Warships, and I suspect other games, could have used far more effectively and advantageously to entice their new players to keep playing after the quarantine ends by fixing what is broken (think of Operations taken away and not returned for one) and pushing out new events that give a little more away to players than usual.    Instead, it appears to me WoWs just plodded on in their seemingly disconnected from the reality of their players while focused only on money.    Any business must focus on money to stay in business.    But they must also focus on their customer base desires and needs of they lose those customers and thus their money.

Recently Happa_Fodder joined the NA Office of WoWs and seems to be listening intently to player's input and questions while he urges WoWs headquarters to answer questions, clarify missing information, or poorly worded statements and championing you and I the players.    The question is; Has WoWs recognized their mistakes and are they addressing them?    Only time will tell.


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