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Public Test - 0.9.5 - Round 1 - Odin Dockyard

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Starts: Thu. May 21 9:30 AM PT
Ends: Tue. May 26 1:30 AM PT

New Dockyard, new conditions for combat missions, a revamped Armory, changes to unique upgrades, and other improvements.

IMPORTANT! Because the Update is still being tested, the information in this Bulletin is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Some changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the Update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the update is released.


The main feature of Update 0.9.5 is the Dockyard, where players will be able to construct two German ships at once: Admiral Graf Spee and Odin. The Dockyard rules have been simplified in comparison to the previous iteration.

Note: Odin will not be available for testing on the PTS

List of changes

  • Ship construction at the Dockyard consists of 20 shipbuilding levels, which you can advance through by completing Directives or spending doubloons.
  • The reward is Admiral Graf Spee in a "Parade" camouflage. The ship becomes available upon reaching shipbuilding level 10.
  • You can reach construction level 18 out of 20 by completing Directives.
  • Levels 19 and 20 are reachable only by spending doubloonsThe price of one level of Dockyard will be 1750 doubloons.

The process of obtaining Odin is quite similar to the Cossack Marathon. By completing the Directives , you'll get Admiral Graf Spee and various other rewards from the Dockyard, as well as a massive discount on Odin.

Please note: the Directives will be available during Updates 0.9.5–0.9.6

For testing purposes, the completion conditions for Directives and rewards on the Public Test server may differ from those on the Live Server.

Ranked sprint

From June 24 to July 6, the Twelfth Ranked Sprint will take place. It will be fought in an 8 vs. 8 format, playing Tier VIII ships in Domination mode.

Updates to combat missions

  • The combat mission interface has been improved .
  • Added combat missions with an "or" condition. In such missions, one of the two conditions needs to be fulfilled in order to get the reward. Example: earn 10,000 Base XP "or" destroy 10 enemy ships. Thus, players will be able to choose which of the conditions they prefer, and fulfill the requirement playing suitable ships.
  • Changed how combat missions are displayed on the post-battle statistics screen.

Armory update

  • The Armory interface has been revamped. Navigation between sections will be easier and more convenient.
  • Added the possibility to preview ships and camouflages in the Port.

Updates to unique upgrades

In 0.9.5, we're starting the process of updating the unique upgrades . The current concept provides an additional opportunity to mount an upgrade with special-but-balanced bonuses in comparison to regular upgrades.

These changes will balance the effectiveness of unique upgrades, and at the same time preserve the unique gameplay of each ship. You can view the detailed list of changes in the game client, Development Blog, and the article about Update 0.9.5.

Soviet cruiser branch split

Due to the Soviet cruiser branch being split into two sub-branches, the following changes will be introduced: heavy cruiser Moskva will leave the light cruiser branch and acquire the status of being a special ship that's available in exchange for Coal. She'll be replaced by light cruiser Alexander Nevsky. Kirov will also leave the branch to become a Premium ship. She'll be replaced by Kotovsky.

> Details on changes

  • Cruiser Moskva will acquire the status of a special ship. This means that the base cost of the post-battle service of this ship will be reduced from 180,000 to 90,000 credits, and Commanders from other ships of the same nation can be assigned to her without any penalties and retraining requirements.
  • If you've already researched cruiser Moskva, but haven't yet purchased her; or if you sold her; or if the branch has been reset, you'll receive this cruiser.
  • If your progress in the Soviet cruiser branch has been reset, the Research Point bonus will be transferred to Alexander Nevsky.
  • The unique upgrade and combat mission for cruiser Moskva, as well as any permanent camouflages you purchased, will be preserved. If the Type 20 permanent camouflage hasn't yet been purchased, it will be added.
  • The Commander of cruiser Moskva will preserve his specialization.
  • Cruiser Alexander Nevsky can be obtained only after she has been researched and purchased in the Tech Tree.
  • The same rules apply to cruisers Kirov and Kotovsky.

Map improvements

The following maps and Ports have been updated to accommodate the new lightning model and enhanced HDR technology:

  • Riposte
  • Operations maps: Killer Whale, Defense of Naval Station Newport, Raptor Rescue, Narai
  • Ports: Dunkirk, Kronstadt, Designer's Table, and Twitch Prime

Some changes have been made to the geometry of Greece and Sleeping Giant maps.

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