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Kitakaze Cap. Build after all updates

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Newest build I can find is from 5 or so months ago before all the changes to IFHE and Upgrades.  Can anybody give me there idea of a good captians build?

Mine is:

1 PT and PE

2 LS



Using Yamamoto at 19 point. 

Alt build would be:

1 PE (Yamamoto buff)

2 LS and AR

3 SE and (DE or BFT) can't decide if DE is needed or just kind of nice.

4 CE and IFHE

Does DE add enuf to count the loss from IFHE to make it worth taking. or would the greater range and rate of fire as well as the extra AA from BFT and AFT worth it?

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Nowaday, I think Kita, harugumo and Akizuki are best with in that order:

1: preventive maintenance

2: Last Stand

3: Demolition Expert

4: Concealment expert

4: Improve fuse for High Explosive

4: Radio positioning finder

1: Priority target


IFHE is not mandatory since you got the weird 30mm penetration base, but the 32mm threshold let's you do damage to BB hull (bow and stern for the majority, all the ship for French) which helps a lot. Also, it ''only'' cost you 2.5% fire chance, which can be offset with Demolition Expert. The point could be made for BFT (10% more dpm, more AA) but I think that DE is better overall (it basically double your fire chance with IFHE).

RPF is in my opinion more useful for a Kitakaze than SE. Knowing where is the enemy is gold, especially with such a big and clumsy girl.


Also, AFT seems to be questionable. The IJN 100mm get quite floaty at longer range, making it hard to hit any ships moving. 

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Kita already has pretty amazing concealment so RPF seems less usable imo, I'd rather take the straight up 3k hp from SE as well as AR for faster Dakka.

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