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Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself!

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Having a great streak..  Playing DDs BBs and a couple of cruisers today.  

Got a little cocky as I was sneaking up on a DD with my Gunbote DD and was going to pop out and say SURPRISE!!

You all know that feeling!   The Rush!!

His gunz were facing the other way.. we were parallel as I broke my conceal at 5.7 km  and I was out front leading him perfectly!!!

The giggles start! :cap_haloween:

I got 3 full volleys into him ..one more and he's dead!! :cap_rambo:

Then it happened.

The Friesland AND the Smolensk that was following him appeared and ...well you know the rest! 

                                                    BUZZ KILL!!


giphy (16).gif

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Bug on the windshield feeling. We all get so stupid sometimes that when it happens to me , I just fall over laughing at myself!

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