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Never Give Up!

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Red had it won on Standard map.  Although they were spread out when they had us at 10:5, they had points and didn't need to push.

They could have simply moved to their own defense and forced us to push or lose.  Or worked to time their push together.

Of course, this is Random and coordination is difficult sometimes.  So they neither fell back on defense, nor concentrated in attack.  

They pushed our cap at the existing tempo, which resulted in each spread out group arriving at a different time.  It wasn't a lemming train.

Just a fact of being spread out without coordinating timing on their attack. We were all grouped in defense, and could focus

each group as it pushed in, at equal or better odds locally.






























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I had a similar game.

Single cap mode, got right down to the wire, with two ships from each team in the opposing cap. My team had 2 dd's in the zone that for some reason decided not to shoot up a low health Cleveland and instead wasted a lot of time trying to torp it.

They eventually got it, leading a down to the seconds fight to see who capped first, with my team probably losing because of that Cleveland. Me in my Battleship having helped get rid of the Cleveland I was in the middle of the map and couldn't do anything, not quick enough to get into the cap, not fast enough to get visibility on the enemy ships.

So I blind fired into the cap zone in the very small window of range I had left to reach it.

1 hit.

1 defender ribbon.

Their cap clock went back by a long way and we won.

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Yup way too often the team leading just won't stop pushing...they don't seem to realize that the losing team must push to take it from the leading team.

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This is way too common especially today.  I even tell people not to rush into the enemy team, defend and make them come to us.  I get told to "stfu", "play your own game", and any number of other things with lots of salt. We have lost a lot of games or barely held on for the win because of it.  No one seems to understand how easy it would be to win, they just keep rushing into the enemy.  One person even told me they do not care about winning they just like playing.  I am guessing they are a different generation than I am.  Probably got participation awards when they were growing up just for playing.  We were told "Winning is not everything, it is the only thing!"  I believe that is attributable to Vince Lombardi.

C130 signing out

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Well done, Soshi.  Gaining local superiority and defeating a superior enemy in detail has been a basic tenant of warfare since...I don't know...the Spartans?  It still works.

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