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Recruiting station for ships

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I lurk and read the forums a lot but one subject I never see discussed is the recruiting station, maybe I'm looking in the wrong place here.

Anyway I'm curious to know how people get on with the drops in the recruitment containers. More specifically the rate of ship drops. I'm from an ANZAC nation and would love to collect all the Commonwealth ships, the last ship I'm after is Vampire which isn't for sale or available for doubloons, I was hoping it would be on sale for ANZAC weekend recently but no luck.

I've discovered though its a prize in the Veteran Recruitment containers so am wondering if this ship could realistically drop, has anyone had success with ship drops from these containers? I have the other ships on the drop list already.

I have a feeling they're crates that just drop lots of signals/camos and little else.


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I used to have a lot of active recruits. Usually got a double crate (one for me one for my recruit) every week. I pulled one ship in maybe 25 crates? No clue how many crates and I forget the ship. Yubari maybe?

The crates are pretty underwhelming if you have somebody that is just happening to use your link. If you had an actual recruit and div's up and used the system, it would probably pay off big time. 

I wouldnt bother fooling around with the whole recruitment system if you are just after Vampire. Just to begin you would need to either leave for 3 months or find someone else to play, then you gotta constantly pull crates and bank on RNG. Id recrommend saving your time.

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