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How To Know Deck Armor Is Too Thin...

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The movement you realize your deck armor is too thin is when this happens...


( Just to be in the safe side, NEVER let Sergeant Schultz stand above your ship’s citadel...)

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Well, when your AP bomb falls in, snags a pair of long johns going through the ship and bounces back up and hits your plane.

Or your Yamato shell went through the deck hit the citadel, engine, and steering. Only to make the cruiser careen off into an island. Then the next shell goes through the bow and knocks out a turret. That cruiser is having a bad day.

When an HE bomb fails to detonate and falls in to the ship, only to stop when it hits the citadel.

Or your rockets citadel a tier 6 CV or any light cruiser.

When you toss a mop bucket onto a Nurnberg only to score a citadel.

The shockwave from Ohio's guns dent the destroyer that passed under the guns.

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