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Tier IV American BC suggestion

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This is a scout cruiser design made by the usn before the Omaha and Lexington class were finalized. To follow usn naming conventions I'll give this ship the name Guerriere.


 The Guerriere is equipped with the same guns as the Colorado class however it uses the MK3 shell instead.

Cost 18.14$



HP 50,150

BC HP formula

Displacement 26,800



19mm plating

203mm belt

76mm citadel deck


Main/Secondary battery:

4 2x2 406mm/45cal MK 5 guns

AP shell 406mm MK3

AP shell weight 957.1kg

Maximum AP shell damage 11,000

Initial AP velocity 792 m/s

HE/HC shell 406mm MK13

HE shell weight 861.8kg

Initial HE Muzzle velocity 803m/s

Maximum HE damage 5,700

HE shell fire chance 36%

Reload 30sec

Turret traverse 45sec

Range 16.06km

Maximum dispersion R X 8.4 + 48 = 182.9

Sigma 2.0


7x1 127mm/51cal MK7 guns

Reload 7sec

Range 4km

Maximum HE shell damage 1,800

Initial HE shell velocity 960m/s

HE shell fire chance 6%

Accuracy (19xR/333.3333 + 30)



Amount 4x1 76.2mm

Range 3.51km

DPS 11.2



Maximum speed 35knots

Turning Circle radius 670m

Rudder shift time 13.76sec



Surface 15.35km

Air 8.56km



Slot 1 Damage control party

Slot 2 Repair party 3



The Guerriere is a ship of extremes. On one hand it has Colorado guns, a top speed of 35knots, 16km range, and an enormous HP pool which all give it a sizable advantage over the other tier 4 ships. On the other hand it has good belt armor for a cruiser, but for a BB it's lacking at only 8in's, this isn't even mentioning the lackluster armor it has. To add on to this it's hull is similar to that of the Omaha class making it very vulnerable to citadel hits, which isn't ideal for BB's. Ultimately it's a ship that when it hits it's opponents it'll (probably over pen) hit like a truck, but it can't absorb damage for very long to make use of it's guns if it is played at close range.

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54 minutes ago, custer_14 said:

At T4 it’s just food for planes.

Yes but considering the fact that it moves a 35knots and what I've been able to pull off in the much slower Ishizuchi, I don't see how it'll be that hard to dodge planes. To add on to this a majority of t4 CV aren't that good at aiming at fast battleships from what I've seen.

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On 5/17/2020 at 2:26 AM, Grapefruitcannon said:

406s at t4?

This.  lol.

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