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Guilo Cesare ....w/ RPF? (The T5 Thunderer)

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Hi all....
so some background... after buying the GC many years ago, and quitting the game for a while... I got back into it recently and ... there I was grinding coal for that Thunderer... when I realized... I have a ship BETTER than the Thunderer at T5.
After a few games, I remembered how awesome and fun this little Italian terror is.... I even finished my Italian Collection with containers to get Luigi.
The thing is.... at lower tier's there's a greater lack of teamwork I find and one weakness was dealing with DD's. For those that don't know, the GC has great maneuverability and is smaller than many cruisers. Her HE is deadly against DD's.... So I got to thinking... perhaps a good candidate for Radio Location/ RPF? While playing with it I've been able to corner or corral DD's that were either trying to sneak in on a torp run, or stop them flanking for an undefended cap.
The problem with that .. its in having to run Concealment Expert, RPF and then possible Fire Prevention as well... thats 12 points right there.... I find the RPF to be excellent , since I often play Solo Randoms, so I have to rely on myself.
I also lose out on Adrenalin Rush which is kind of a big deal
Since I run Luigi... here are my skills
1 Priority Target ( i tend to tunnel vision sometimes and find seeing 3-4 ppl aiming at me snaps me out of it)
1 Expert Loader ( Luigi grants 75% reduction... sneaking around undetected allows me to quickly switch ammo and punish accordingly)
2 Expert Marksmen ( shes a very manuevrable ship... allows me to get guns out on different targets quickly... very useful so far in hunting DD's while dodging torps as you get into their detection range)
3 Super Intendant (no brainer)
4 Concealment Expert ( down to 11.9 km shes very stealthy)
4 RPF ( as explained, to be able to deal with DD's sneak up around cover and ambush other ships, it almost feels like I'm running in a div with a drone feeding me recon info)
4 Fire Prevention?
I havent actually spec'd FIre Prevention yet... and feel like its alot of points considering I'm leaving a few things on the table... So I'm looking for input in this regard.
Please keep in mind this is a T5-T7 Meta....
Thanks in advance
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Choices choices. You’d be giving up other skills if FP the Priority, and RPF the choice; so only you can really decide.

For what you seem to want to use it for, the FP seems a good choice, because you’ll probably be burning a lot.

Run the fire reduction signal as well if you have them.

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Guilio is some good OP stuff. 

In the T5 ranked, I saw people using AFT for more AA and for secondaries. PT, EM, SI, CE - AFT, AR, BFT or Vigi. 
Frankly, I'm not super sure how much the AFT helps. 

You can use the good ol' tank build also. But I'd say Fire Prev isn't mandatory on this BB, since your accuracy is so good at range. 

I would definitely consider RPF. 

But AR is worth around 4 points. So you better have a darn good reason to lose that. I wouldn't. 

I'd probably go with this: 

PT, EM, SI, CE - AR, RPF, Vigi. Just giving up on Secondaries and AA. (AA is more important here Imo) 


If you're worried about DDs though, you could simply shrug it all off with tank build + Vigi. Yeah, you might take a dev strike torp run at some point, but most of the time, the DDs won't be able to push into you and hit you with enough torpedoes. 

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If possible I would put the Unique Italian Commander on the ship as he has some nice perks such as if you sink a ship your gun range gets extended.  I don’t have Giulio Caesar, but I use him on my Roma and he does well.

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Glade to have you back.:fish_aqua:


I own a GC as well but I always have bad luck with mine.:Smile_amazed: So I don't play it unless its required for a specific mission.


Then again, When I need to grind credits/complete missions, I will use either my Alaska or my Salem.:Smile_playing:

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