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Digg'n for Data.. lot'sa polling.

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So like today I've been asked my opinion on battles i was in like 3 or 4 times so far which is UNUSUALLY often.  Either they're pestering me for on the day before my birthday in the hope I open my wallet (I promised no money before my 63rd birthday after the Rico mess last holidays and I ment it) which would strike me as entirely way to organized for a game publisher, or they're genuinely trying to get some feed back on the game.

I still don't want subs in the matches as a DD.  I'm all ready overloaded with things to do every time I head out what with staying away from CV air and keeping my distance from radar boats while trying to cap, cause damage and winning matches.

Surprised don't get asked my beer of choice (Bud and Clamato:  Chelada 16 oz when playing.  Beery and spicy..keeps me loose as long........ as I don't over due it. regularly need the attitude adjustment as an aggressive DD player in IJN boats these days.  I won't claim it makes me play better, but I don't get anywhere near as p.o.'d as i would otherwise. Which is a good thing because I do play worse when THAT happens.)


Anyway, wierdness of the Day, May 12th 2020.


TL_Warlord_Roff sends




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