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Is it intended or a bug where ships begin to do AA damage to planes while still being invisible? For example if a DD turns on his AA for a moment as the planes enter the AA zone they will take damage. If the DD is fast enough he/she can turn off their AA and remain unspotted. This effect is also seen when entering any ships AA zone where their air detection is smaller than their AA radius. This is usually not a big deal but with the introduction of the Halland your aircraft can takes thousands of AA damage before the ship is spotted. This is not an intermittent issue.

This problem's effect is its possible to lose aircraft to AA fire before the firing ship actually appears.


In the video below you will see me start to take fire from a Smolensk AA. Keep an eye on how quickly my planes are taking damage. It begins to accelerate by thousands per second as I reach the edge of his AA radius. Then moments later the Halland pops into view. I was already taking AA damage from the Halland but he had not rendered until later. This also causes a second problem. If this were a lone Halland I wouldnt know what direction the AA is coming from and would be unable to take evasive maneuvers. 



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