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Recon Planes V Ship Borne Fighters

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Just got out of a game playing The Texas needed to use my Float Plane something I have not done since I don't know when as I prefer using ship borne fighters.

So the plane returns to Texas and I'm trying to hunt a DD as there is only 2 BB's left in the game on our team so go look to see how long it will be fore my next plane to ready only to see 360 seconds before it will be ready.

I couldn't believe it 6 minutes for one plane  on cool down and yet fighters are easily half that time for cool and there are more than 1 in a squad.

Is this for real how does WG come to those figures.      


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It's a joke, when you know that you'll be lucky to trigger the 2nd spotter planes up before the game ends.


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I get the point - they dont want battleships camping at the back of the map using their spotter plane to extend their range well past any range that they might actually hit what they are shooting at.  A long cooldown timer discourages that kind of stupidity.  

But seriously, it is far too long.  Particularly on cruisers that need the extra range, like UK CAs and the Perth.  

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