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A sad, sad tale of pain and woe...

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So I logged in this afternoon to finish the Ranked season. I'm level two, with one more star to go. I had played 24 games up to that point. I was doing pretty well.

So my first game, the team just throws it away right at the start. Doesn't even wait until the end to throw the game. Then the next game the team implodes again. Then the next game I carry the team and we have a win. This goes on and on like this until my current situation. Now I have FOURTY games played. And I'm at Rank 3 with one star. Every once in a while I'll save a star or win one back. I basically DOUBLED the number of games played trying to go from Rank 2 to Rank 1, and with no success.

The teams are indescribably stupid. How I can't land on the slightly less stupid team more consistently and rank out is beyond my understanding. And no, it's not me. I'm consistently in the top three for the team doing most of the work. I've even tried switching it up between BBs and DDs etc. Anyway, not looking for answers. Just thought I'd let other players know that it's not just them that have one horrible team after another with no end in sight.

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Start earlier in the season and push through.  If you get to the later part of the season, you are now up against and teamed with the mostly people with 100+ games in, who potatoed their way through the other ranks by getting carried.

My suggestion would be for late season play, play semi safe at first till you see what the team is going to do.  Support where you can, safely.  If the team starts yoloing right away or turning away from the battle, as sad as it is...go into save a star mode and find a good damage farm.  Hope for a better team the next round.

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