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Suggested enhancement to the Filter system

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Please change the operand between the special selections from 'or' to 'and'.

All of the choices for tier, ship type, or Nationality are mutually exclusive.  This means that if a ship is a T5 it isn't a T6 , if it is a BB than it isn't  a DD, and if its French than it isn't Japanese.  So I can use the filter to select all my T5 or T6 that are BB's or DD' and are also French or Japanese I can select the appropriate boxes in the filter and I get (T5 or T6) and (BB or DD) and (French or Japanese).

But as the special selections aren't mutually exclusive, If I select Premium and commanderless ships I get all of my Premium ships with or without Commander and all of my Commanderless ships whether they are premium or not.  What I need is all of my Premium ships without a commander.

Selection is (Premium or Commanderless) what is needed for the special selections is (Premium and Commanderless).

Together it would look like (T5 or T6) and (BB or DD) and (French or Japanese) and Premium and Commanderless.

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