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Meanwhile, on Facebook...

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Seen this twice in as many days:


Note: Does not represent actual gameplay.


Someone at WG: "We need more weebs on boats!"

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I was never able to find a source on this, or able to get anything resembling a full story from the staff. But if the.....recent ad campaign is any indication, this was made by a 3rd party advertising contractor that isn't familiar at all with the game and bases their ads entirely on what people find eye-catching. in this case, it would be the keywords "Anime. Military. WW2."
They'd then get an artist to whip up something based on whatever reference images they googled.   Now, this doesn't always mean bad things, just that Weegee has had more misses than hits with their social media advertising. What really matters is does it catch your attention, and it obviously did. However, if someone new saw it and expected WoWS to be a gatcha game full of waifus... then that might cause problems...

What irritates me most, is that I feel like this artist is familiar somehow, like I've seen this specific style before but I can't quite place it...

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