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Hello. I’ve been having trouble with lag lately, the type that makes it unplayable like 2 FPS and 400 to 1000 ping. I’ve tried the usual tricks like clean temp files and restarting all my equipment but it hasn’t helped. My internet connection is good, I’ve checked it with a few apps. Recently I found a suggested settings on intel graphics page and tried that. It’s somewhat better but not completely. There’s times when it goes haywire. This made a new problem, my display. Everything looks much smaller, the chat, minimap, basically everything but my ship.  I’d really appreciate some feedback and suggestions and I’ll provide my specs and a picture. 

dell XPS 15 9560 

intel i7 7700hq

32 gb ram

512 gb ssd 

intel hd graphics 630

nvidia GeForce gtx 1050




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make sure you are using the nvidia card and disable the intel gfx


increase UI scale will make that stuff bigger...  and the resolution you are using maybe a bit high for that video card

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Mac users have been having this problem for 3-4 months now.  We've been informed the devs finally figured out what was causing our glitches, but there wouldn't be a fix in place until 0.9.5.  Not sure if that helps with your individual problems but it might help.

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