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An Amazing Experience for New Players

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Ok maybe the title is a bit trollish...  

I recently returned to the game after a few years, and have no tier 10's, and only one line to T8 (USN BB's)  I am primarily a BB player (or was).  So upon my return I decided I wanted to grind out IJN BB's as primary, and GE BB's as secondary. Both lines I already had to at least tier 5, I 've got my IJN BB's to tier 7, and up to tier 6 with GE so far.  I then saw that T7 ranked is on the way, so thought what the hell, everyone goes on about Russian bias, and coming from tanks it is something I am familiar with, so thought I would also start the grind for Sinop... and this is where the fun begins...

Hmm multiple cv games against my Bogatyr AA:0 and this continued through the Knyaz and the Gangut... AA: 11   to the point where it wasn't any fun anymore...   Spending a match constantly scanning skies for the next squad of torpedo bombers and for DD torps was getting tiresome.  Now this was in 9.2 and 9.2.1.  In fact in my last 4 games played in 9.2.1:  2 were vs 3 cv's and the other 2 against 2 cv's.  WG said yes we are fixing the multiple CV thing...  So fine... 9.3 drops

9.3: The queue still has CV's often outnumbering other classes, though now with the DD campaign I wager its not as common.  There are still multiple CV's at tier4, and I saw as many as 6 dd's per team in one match last night.  I'd had enough, i walked away for the second and final time..  (kool story brah.. i know)

There is a happy ending to this story though....   at least for now :cap_book:

I did play a few matches back at release in CV's, didn't feel i was any good in them and didn't want to pollute my teams and bring them down so I never pursued them, and honestly its the BB play that attracted me to the game in the first place.  I finally committed to learning CV play last night...  I had done a few training room tests prior but again I wasn't going to jump into a random too quickly.  I am also a ww2 aviation fan as well spending a few years in online ww2 air combat sims as well (Air Warrior3, Aces High 1+2, il2 etc)

Well damnit, the current CV play in WoWs is fun!  My memory is hazey, but in RTS you din't have any real control over the planes, now we do, albeit simplified, and I am having a blast with it after only a few matches.

I spent a couple hours messing around in a training room last night, experimenting with different ordnance and bots with active AA to get an idea of range and spotting mechanics from aircraft.  Once I thought I had a grasp, I went straight to random battles... zomg... couldn't hit anything my first match, starting my attack runs way too late or not lining them up properly that sort of thing, but by the 3rd match things started to click and I am sure more practice that will definitely improve... hey its 3 games..  ok maybe that seems a little too soon .. i dunno.. I know it took a lot longer than that to be able to hit the target even 19% of the time with my BB's...

Anyways, overnight I went from a player that was going to walk away and go back to tanks... nope.. i am staying to play CV's..  (i've been pretty much playing arty exclusively over there for the last couple months)  I haven't left tanks, just splitting my time, as i have been feeling kinda burnt out over there.

I do still have issues with low tier CV play - speaking from the perspective of a low tier BB player

While aircraft at this tier don't do huge damage, (my gangut took 11 torps in one match and was still afloat) they are ok in moderation...   multiple cv's can really stomp the fun out of the game, especially at tiers 3 and 4 .. these maybe players that picked up the game yesterday or even today..  I can't believe wg left the limit at 3 cv's for as long as they did, but even 2 per side IMO is too many. 

I wonder if the humanitarian thing to do would be to  just give CV aircraft 3x the alpha. It would stop the slow torture a constant stream of torpedo bombers can have and how demoralizing it can be spending 5 minutes or more constantly zigging and zagging, and circling and not having ANY opportunities to fight back.  If you have AA it is AI controlled so you can't do anything about it, and its inconsequential when it is barely into dbl digits, and good luck getting those main turrets aimed at an enemy ship as your ship can turn faster than they can keep up regardless.

I did a little training room work against tier6 ships and the difference in AA they can put up seemed huge compared to T4..  At tier 4 odds of losing an aircraft on the first attack run are pretty slim though you may take damage  or lose a plane on the pull out.. (depending on what you are attacking...  a Bogatyr isn't going to do that ever..).  So unless you attack a blob, of a 3 flight torp squad I'd say you are GUARANTEED to get 4 torps off, with a very good chance of 5 or 6 against most lone targets.

Well don't sail alone... That holds true perhaps in early game, by mid-late game there will always be an enemy ship that has become separated, and late game even in a losing match you will still be able to pick and choose and successfully drop on any ship that is still afloat...  (I didn't say successfully hit .. a little skill is needed here)

Anyways!!! on to the real inspiration for the wording of the title... I am sure CV fans and perhaps haters will have seen this video.  I looked around to find videos on CV play, how to play them, and tips and tricks for my chosen line (IJN).  IChase has a good one that covers controls, how to drop and the mechanics, and Toptier has alot of videos of fairly current CV play, and that's where I found this video.  It illustrates what I see as the issue with multiple CV's at tier 4, that still need a fix...  and now I am saying this from the perspective of the CV driver.

Video links:

IChasegaming - youtube videos page

Toptier's videos page

Gave me a laugh, and I learned a lot from this video, which is the source of the thread title. 


Perspective from a low tier player, still in the kiddie pool.

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