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Has anyone really tested IFHE vs fire builds, post change?

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I have played a few games here and there but not enough to get a solid feel on what is the better option, My gut feeling is that staying with IFHE is a straight nerf. Has anyone found big differences in any ships (tier7 or higher) by going full fire builds and discarding IFHE all together?

Thanks in advance!

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I have found with the t7 Boise either way is a nerf, but keeping IFHE is less of one by a small margin.  More so if you are bottom tier a lot.

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I looked at the numbers SOME, but not exhaustively.  FWIW, I concluded that for nearly every cruiser in my port, the IFHE & armor changes required no change at all to my build.  The only exception to that was Smolensk, and I'm still on the fence about that one.

Which means that, for me, it was a straight up nerf to all my light cruisers from T5 on up.  Still using IFHE on all of them, but now starting fewer fires. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

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My findings so far -

DD (other than IJN 100 mm), CL tier 7 or lower, or anything sporting DD caliber guns - better to take DE, light everything on fire more possibly.

100 mm IJN DD's, tier 8+ 152 mm HE equipped ships - IFHE. Basically you only took another 2-3% off fire chance putting you still equal to or higher than most DD's base chance - and they actually BUFFED the penetration. 100 mm DD's and 152 mm cruisers pen 37 mm of armour now instead of 32 mm, Mogami pen's 38 mm with 155's. North Carolina has no immune zones save turrets now, area of other ships that would shatter now are pens.

Overall it both manages to completely fail and succeed at it's objectives while accomplishing nothing. Or in other words - a typical Wargaming fix at this point. 

Fire are still an issue, now low tiers are 100% RNG dependent vs high tiers but still can stomp on same tier while high tier BB's are now immune to 7 and lower CL but 8+ now have even better pen and a relatively negligible reduction in fire chance resulting in things being the same or worse depending on ship your in - while Yamato see's no real change NC is screwed by it's center deck now eating pens not causing shatters. 

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