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Changes to Internal Browser Pages - Armory, Naval Battles, Tech Tree, and so on

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World of Warships suggestions for consistency and ease of use:

In the Armory, if I select, for instance, COMMANDERS and then select a commander, there is a <- Back in the top left corner which returns me back to the Armory.

In the Armory, the ESC X is in the right corner to return to Port so I have to go from top Left to top Right with mouse to return to Armory with the mouse which is awkward.

·         SUGGESTION: put a <- Back  or <- Port in the top left corner of each screen.

I learned when the Memory Leak issue arose in 9.2.0 that many of the screens in the Port are really  internal browser pages (Armory, Clan pages, Naval Battles, Tech Tree, and so on),

·         SUGGESTION: Where appropriate, enable the two Internet Back keystrokes (ALT+Left Arrow or BACKSPACE) so that I can use the additional button(s) on my mouse (which is Internet Back in Chrome, IE, Firefox) so I can just hit that button to navigate back to the previous screen or back to the Port.

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Internal browser pages...

How about making the events on the events page useful, and link to something... like event details, or the relevant missions/directives.

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