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IJN BB Captain skills

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I am working my way up the IJN BB tree, currently sailing the Nagato and my captain is up to 12pts.(my highest skilled captain in game)  I used ichase's recommendation for my first 6 pts:  PT, AR, SI.

This is where I veered off his recommendations, for my 10pt, I went with FP instead of CE, seeing as the IJN BB's tend to block the sun, i figured the benefit at this point is negligible (or am I wrong...  playing with wowsft it reduced my detection range from 16.59km to 14.93.  I figure if I do need CE I will either save it until higher tiers or respecc...

Should I add CE at 14pts?  Should I look at things like EM, JOAT, HA now or hold off for CE now?  I will likely be in the Amagi by the time I reach 14 I expect if not further up the tree.

What is your Tier 10 IJN captain build? 

Should I be staying with a survivability build?  (starting to think so)


Any input is appreciated.

Would be awesome if LWM had a full set of tech tree reviews...   (if such a thing exists.. please let me know)


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My Yamato captain is EL, EM, AR, BoS, SI, FP, CE

full survival build. CE can be amazing helpful when you need to go quiet and heal. Yam is a back line sniper so if you push up CE is less useful 

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