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A Clan Battles Overhaul

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(Disclaimer: this post is made from the point of view of a player who aims to become the best at or win competitive game modes, ex. become King of the Sea, Clan Battles winners, to reach Rank 1, etc.)

Once upon a time, Clan Battles was Warships' first venture into actively supporting Clan-based competitive game modes. It was amazing, everything we had ever asked for: the best players on each server could finally fight alongside their clanmates, and prove their worth against other clans. That was October 2017, if you'll believe it was so long ago.

Over the past 2.5 years, much has changed: Kings of the Sea gained much greater official support from Wargaming, we've seen the rise and fall of various minor tournaments - Fight for the Flagship, Wargames, Shipstorm. Wargaming has also added a variety of officially supported formats - Arms Race, various holiday modes, and finally Clan Brawls.


With the advent of all of these newer game modes, Clan Battles is showing its age in at least 2 main ways:

  • Enormous Time Commitment: Attempting to win Clan Battles demands that a full team of 7 players should be able to play 4 hours a night, 4 days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays, for 2 months straight. That is up to 16 hours of Clan Battles per week, and every single hour is important for a team who is aiming to win.
  • Lack of Variety: Aside from minor adjustments to map pools and cap positions, the occasional new viable ship, and that one Tier 8 season which most people didn't like, Clan Battles has had almost exactly the same format and flow for 2.5 years. Even when things get changed up completely, such as in the Tier 8 season,  up to16 hours per week for 2 months will make any exciting new format old and unfun.

The fact of the matter is, compared to all of the other competitive formats available to players of World of Warships, Clan Battles has turned into a boring 2 month slog, with very little innovation available to teams who want to counter the perennial winners.


So, how do we fix Clan Battles?

Instead of having competitive players sink huge amounts of time into doing the same thing over and over again for months, in slightly different variations of what they have been doing for years, Clan Battles needs to be mixed up in a significant way.

My proposal is as follows: Instead of having a single game mode, Tier, and team format, the qualities of Clan Battles and Clan Brawls should be merged together into a single incredible competitive experience.

  • A 6-week season, or 3 days per week or 3 hours per day, to counter burnout.
  • Every week, a different Clan Brawls format is selected for players to try their hands in.
  • The Clan Brawls format being used can be either entirely new, or a replaying of one of the already used formats.
  • To prevent clans from not being able to play periodically from lack of players, these formats should probably have some fixed or maximum number of players on a team - 12-man Clan Brawl was amazing, but most clans simply can't bring 12 people together on a regular basis.

In this new hybrid Clan Battles format, teams don't get to sit on a single strategy and win the season after being bored out of their minds doing the exact same thing for 2 months straight. Instead, players must think on their feet to come up with new and innovative strategies every week.

As far as I can remember, every Clan Brawl Wargaming has ever given us has left us all wishing we could play more: this amazing new experience is given to us for 4 or 5 hours on one or two nights, and then it disappears forever into the annals of Warships history. This solution would allow us all to fulfill our itch to replay classic Clan Brawls (or various new ones), while also maintaining a long-form competitive game mode, where every day and week counts towards a final end goal.


The current state of Clan Battles is stale and desperately in need of a major refresh. When it was first made, it was amazing. But since then, the horizons of competitive modes have broadened, and Clan Battles has failed to explore those horizons. Turning Clan Battles into a hybrid game mode with Clan Brawl formats would strike a massive blow against player burnout, and reward competitive innovation on a previously unprecedented scale in World of Warships. I genuinely believe that this would be a massive improvement to the competitive aspect of Warships, and I pray to almighty SerB that someone at Wargaming sees this post and considers my points and solution. Thank you.

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Well-versed, well-written, truly insightful piece

Only possible from a large gamer

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