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Tier 8 premium CA Cheshire - It grows on you

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At first, when the RN CA line was released, I struggled, and wasn't sure whether to blame the ships, or the commander. But the more I play the RN CAs, the more I grow to like them, and begin to appreciate their potential. 

The above battle result demonstrates the sheer flexibility of these British CAs :

  • Excellent gun ballistics (with HE),
  • 1st class AA,
  • good concealment for a heavy cruiser makes it a good scout/spotter,
  • capable of playing dd for short stretches in an emergency,
  • capable of locking down enemy bbs with fire DOTs,
  • while trolling enemy bb AP shells with a very good armour profile bow tanking, 
  • but just as capable of hunting destroyers,
  • forgiving of mistakes with repair party.
  • those torpedos are no slouch, either
  • Oh and even with a 14 pt Cunningham, the consumeables acceleration perk comes in very handy.


on this occasion, I had a good team, with solid backup from our own CV and our Roon.


captain skills :


Cheshire is a jack of all trades, eccentrically ordinary, easy to underestimate, after all this ship looks like a middle aged bloke with a beer gut 


credit : 

Portrait of a Working Man, Cyril James Frost (1880–1971), Oxfordshire County Museums Service


minus 1 karma after this particular battle, ofc :Smile_trollface:





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