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Armada: Mainz

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A Captain’s guide to using the German Tier VIII cruiser.

Read it on the portal

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        The mainz could really use a heal to offset it's very poor armor and terrible mobility. Or an increase in speed plus rudder shift so it has the ability to dodge. It feels to sluggish to be a cl. Main bats are fine as they are along with its aa but this ship needs some more work.

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The 150 mm guns chosen for their main batteries were the same as those used for the Königsberg- and Leipzig-class light cruisers.

Except it wasn't. The Kriegsmarine intended to use the more modern 150mm L/55 (the same one that you'll find as a secondary gun on Bismarck, Tirpitz, Graf Spee, Graf Zeppelin, etc) and put them into a new turret that would match both weight and barbette diameter of the 203mm twin turret. As they are right now each of these turrets is 100t too light and the barbettes they are sitting in are 1.5m too wide.

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Hello, You guys forgot to include the Armada: Mainz video in the article. Here are the links if anyone is interested...





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OK, LOL the real skinny. 1. this is a cool concept. 2. I thought of it years ago and posted it on the forum in Feb of 2019. I dont know if I inspired it for WOWS, or not. I dont think its to hard of a stretch to look at the American Cleveland's and Baltimore and figure out that other countries could copy on this concept. I like that they did put it in the game though weather I inspired it or not.

3. One of the things they do though, that chaps my [edited]is make the advertising banners, and write ups as if this was a real historical thing that Germany had planned bock in the 1930's / 1940's. They didn't. They built the 3 Hippers, and the forth one was given to Russia with one forward 203mm gun turret installed. Germany was trying to slip slide out of giving it to them but they had a non aggression pact with them and needed oil. 

by the time Germany would have finished building the last 2 ships the treaty wouldn't have meant anything, so they would have been built as heavy cruisers. 

Now with the first 2 M class light cruisers laid down, and most of the materials procured to start on the next 2, I really highly doubt that they would have considered making a Hipper into an oversized light cruiser, even though it would have been awesome if it could be used in that role. Plan Z called for quite a few more light cruisers, and heavy cruisers, so considering that Germany only had 3 heavy cruisers that were designed to escort Battleships, as the Pocket Battleships were to slow to function in this way, then Germany wouldn't give up 2 Hipper class Cruisers to make oversized light cruisers. 

Now I do hope they will consider Italian dds, and or a few more Italian Battleships in the near future. Andria Doria comes to mind. Unfortune as it is, they will have to make up some of these ships to fill in the tier gaps. There is a 27,000 ton BC design that would be used with 6-15 inch guns. LOL, I would and could help them with this, but they seem pretty adept at making ships and history up without any help.

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I can understand the worse armor given she's a light cruiser ... but the 12km concealment with a full stealth build is just silly. She doesn't have the speed nor ballistics to play like Chapy ... and even Chapy has better concealment and can stealth radar.

If Mainz had a reasonable concealment, like between 10.5 and 11km, I'd likely pick her up in an instant.

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